Sometimes it helps to see what's behind the Door

Higher quality wood doors then than the leading pre-finished wood door manufacturer in South Florida. No other door shop has the design capabilities and craftsmanship of a mahogany or oak door produced by Custom Door Shop Is Painting Included? They will order a door pre-hung and pre-finished from a manufacturer at a high markup or scares customers away from purchasing wood entirely.
Our ability to execute your vision is unparalleled within the local market. We can consult, design, and build exactly what you envision whether it’s made of fiberglass or wood. Design Capabilities Primarily sell off-the-shelf fiberglass doors pre-hung by distributors made to commodity sizes. Your home or that of your client is unique and mass production simply isn't the answer.
Custom Door Shop paints and stains your project with premium high performance exterior enamel paints and catalyzed finishing products in professional paint spray booths. Painting / Staining They give customers a list of 3rd party painters and finishers to choose from. Painting is performed at your home or place of business.
Uses vetted installers that have been working with and installing for Custom Door Shop for years! Installation You are provided a list of installers from which to choose from and hope they will do a great job
Our staff performs its very best to make sure you receive a quality product. If something should go wrong, we will be there to make it right. Warranty Work Do not have the capability to make or remake parts and components to resolve issues cleanly and efficiently in house.
We may cost you a little more up front but there is tremendous value in having all your entry door system design, build, painting/staining and installing needs taken care of in-house Value Lower upfront costs but you may need to find your own installer and painter to complete your project at an additional cost.
Custom Door Shop is a family owned and operated business that truly cares about your needs and strives to provide the best product and service possible. Management Owned by investors, venture capitalists, and impersonal management